Hi, I'm Leander šŸ‘‹

I'm a technologist with experience as a creative, marketer, developer and engineer.

Because I've been in the trenches as a developer and content creator, I know all about the tech that matter, from Photoshop to NodeJS.


IT Lead (Patta Exclusive Sneakers B.V.)
Managing everything IT related. Iā€™m responsible for improvements of the all systems and I care for data processing through those systems. I brief and implement features on our Shopify website(s) and integrations.
Founder / Freelancer (leme - web en design)
With this company I put my webdesign & developing skills to use. I take care of the full e-commerce proces, from the database to conversion and SEO improvements.
Studio Speld and Google Analytics (De Speld)
Made illustrations and Photoshops for satirical articles at Studio Speld; the visual design department. I wrote a theses on best practices in online video and I helped with bettering the site analytics to give better insights.
Editoral and Online Video (KRO-NCRV | Jinek)
At evajinek.nl I pitched, developed and created a videoproject. This series showcased the work of the people who work on the daily talkshow. I was the social video editor for De Verenigde Staten Van Eva, wrote guest announcements and helped develop social video concepts within KRO-NCRV.

Say hello.

I'm currently working full-time for Patta so I'm not taking on new freelance clients. But, I'm always interested in new ideas or hearing what you're working on, so say hello.